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Personal Training

Build your fitness confidence with our one-on-one personal training sessions customized to fit your unique needs.


Small Group Training

Enjoy the experience of small group training with a friend or family member, up to two people, without compromising quality and results.


Prenatal &
Postnatal Training

Begin your special journey with training that supports your transition between the developing stages of your pregnancy and beyond.


Posture Improvement & Correction

Increase mobility through corrective techniques that encourage proper alignment and provide functional support.


Stretch &
Mobility Session

Improve range of motion, flexibility, and balance with classes that promote less pain, fewer injuries, and better physical function.



Discuss and implement a customized nutritional plan that supports your health and fitness goals through a realistic and sustainable approach.




A year ago, I was exhausted, out of shape, and carrying extra weight. I hadn't always been like that, but life had gotten busy. I had been trying on my own to get it together, but was struggling with too many demands on my time. I had never been to a personal trainer, but thought that maybe the accountability would help. Still, I must admit, I was embarrassed to expose to someone how out of shape I had gotten, and actually thought, “I should get in shape before I go to a personal trainer!”

Fast forward one year…I am training for my second road race and have lost ~15 pounds. I am strong again, both physically and mentally, and I owe it all to the fact that I was lucky enough to find the best personal trainer on the planet. Seriously. Marylou is “all in.” She is totally engaged in your personal progress and is supportive beyond compare. She even came to my first road race with her son and stood in the rain to cheer me on! She is incredibly gentle, but tough, and manages to find a strength within you that you may not even know you have. She is super knowledgeable about the body and knows more exercises than you can imagine. Each visit is something new. She focuses on core strength and balance—two things I was surprised to find I had lost when I first started seeing her—and my glutes! Well, they’ve never looked better. :blush:

Bottom line, I absolutely love Marylou. Finding her will forever be on my list of “most important life-changing events,” and for better or for worse, she will likely have to see me every week for the rest of our lives. I am so grateful that one year ago, in a haze of desperation to get back in shape, the Google gods guided me to Marylou. Who knows, maybe they are shining on YOU right now… "

Jennifer T.

Marylou is an amazing personal trainer and I'm so glad I've used her throughout the start of  my pregnancy. I've always used a personal trainer from my gym, but since I found out I was expecting i decided to look for someone who specializes in prenatal workouts. From there, I found ML on Yelp. She's not only knowledgeable, but she will customize her workouts to get you ready for labor and birth. I feel that Marylou has so much experience with training pregnant women and it shows during our sessions. I always felt comfortable and safe working out with her as she tries to keep an ongoing engaging conversation during our sessions. I cannot recommend her enough and I promise it's a great investment in hiring a prenatal trainer in the long run.

Sophia S. - San Francisco, CA

Marylou is wonderful!
Personable and listens to you! She very quickly assesses your ability and special needs, therefore making your workout WORK for you!

I've been a part of her Mom & Stroller workouts and they've been great for fitness and for a bit of baby/mama socialization for a bit afterwards!

Elan B. - Bend, OR