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A big part of what makes us strong and allows our clients to achieve great results is the 360-degrees of support that we give to each and every client as we coach them through their individualized nutrition, health, and fitness programs. This is the core of what makes the experience at Project Strong so personal, unique, and successful.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, all you need to do is start with scheduling your initial Discovery Call with us. We look forward to getting to know you and learning how we can help you reach your fitness and nutritional goals.

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Real People, Real impact

"Project Strong is on my list as one of my most important life-changing events."

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"Makes your workout work for you."
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Discovery call

First, during your Discovery Call, we will get to know you and your individual fitness needs. This helps us create a tailored plan that best fits you.

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Movement Evaluation

Next, we will go more in-depth about your goals to evaluate your strength, posture, range of motion, and nutrition during your in-person evaluation.


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Last, our goal is to make scheduling and working out very accessible to you, all while ensuring consistency and built-in flexibility with your schedule.

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"We're your partner through every step of your journey"

Project Strong offers

Individual & Group Training

Trainer guiding a client

Flex & Flow

Stretch & Mobility Session

Improve range of motion, flexibility, and balance with classes that promote less pain, fewer injuries, and better physical function.

A strength and posture training session

Straight up

Posture Improvement & Correction

Increase mobility through corrective techniques that encourage proper alignment and provide functional support.

Healthy foods

Healthy Habits

Nutrition Consultation

Discuss and implement a customized nutritional plan that supports your health and fitness goals through a realistic and sustainable approach.

Physical Strength Training

It's Personal

one-on-one training

Build your fitness confidence with our one-on-one personal training sessions customized to fit your unique needs.

Physical strength training session

It Takes Two

Small Group Training

Enjoy the experience of small group training with a friend or family member, up to two people, without compromising quality and results.

Prenatal and postnatal physical training

Fit mama

Prenatal & Postnatal Training

Begin your special journey with training that supports your transition between the developing stages of your pregnancy and beyond.



What our clients are saying about us

Real People, Real impact

"A year ago, I was exhausted, out of shape, and carrying extra weight. Now, I am strong again, both physically and mentally, and I owe it all to the fact that I was lucky enough to find the best personal trainer on the planet. They are “all in.” Totally engaged in your personal progress and is supportive beyond compare. My trainer was incredibly gentle, but tough, and manages to find a strength within you that you may not even know you have. Super knowledgeable about the body and knows more exercises than you can imagine."

client testimonial

Jennifer T.
It's Personal & healthy habits

"Amazing personal trainers and I'm so glad I've used them throughout the start of  my pregnancy. I found out I was expecting so I decided to look for someone who specializes in prenatal workouts. The trainers at Project Strong are not only knowledgeable, but they will customize the workouts to get you ready for labor and birth. I feel that they had so much experience with training pregnant women and it shows during our sessions. I always felt comfortable and safe working out. I promise it's a great investment in hiring a prenatal trainer in the long run."

client testimonial

Sophia S.
Fit Mama

"Project Strong is wonderful!

They are personable and listen to you! The trainers are very quick to assesses your ability and special needs, therefore making your workout WORK for you!

I've been a part of their Mom & Stroller workouts and they've been great for fitness and for a bit of baby/mama socialization for a bit afterwards!"

client testimonial

Elan B.
Fit Mama