Marylou Metzger
Expert Trainer

I am a holistic health practitioner and personal trainer with over 15 years of experience helping people achieve their weight loss, fitness, and health goals in beautiful Northern California.

My Own Fitness & Health Motivation
What originally drove me to become a fitness trainer and health coach was experiencing firsthand what poor diet choices and unhealthy habits lead to, including my father’s debilitating chronic health issues and a lifelong reliance on medication.  Growing up, I watched my parents struggle with their weight and manage their health problems with medication.

Future With Fitness & Nutrition
I was raised surrounded by junk food, high-carb Mexican dishes, and all the pan dulce (sweet bread) you could imagine.  I didn’t know how to navigate through life without resorting to old habits, which is a struggle for many people.   Like you, I knew I had to become proactive about my health.That’s what led me on my own health and fitness journey 20 years ago. I knew I could rewrite my own future with a combination of nutrition, fitness, and healthy habits.  I could change the course of my health and eliminate the possibility of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and even heart disease. Now my mission is to continue helping others rewrite their futures.