Personal Nutrition Consultation

Start prioritizing your health, and get the nutritional support you need with the help of a trusted nutritionist. Our local, Belmont, CA nutritionists are specially trained to assess your individual dietary needs, and help guide you toward sustainable changes in your diet and workout routine.




What Happens in a Nutrition Consultation?

Disclosing eating habits can be a sensitive topic and feel overwhelming.  Our nutrition consultation offers a respectful and engaging relationship with your nutritionist in order to help provide essential insight into your current diet and lifestyle.

These open conversations primarily center on understanding environment and eating habits; for example, what you eat, how many times you eat, the lifestyle behind your nutrition, then aligning that with a healthy set of goals.

We like to start each session by first getting to know you. Your individual nutritional assessment will feature a list of health-related questions to help us get to know your background and current lifestyle. Some of the common questions we like to ask are:

  • Your health timeline and family medical history

  • What you do for a living

  • Favorite pass times or activities you indulge in?

  • Any prescription medicine or supplements you are on

  • Allergies

  • How often you exercise and what your workout routine entails

  • Normal eating patterns: what time you eat, to the food you eat

After the assessment takes place, Your nutritionist will analyze the information from your assessment and share the current state of your nutritional health, as well as provide professional guidance in areas of improvement, with goals that will help you attain an incredibly healthy lifestyle, personally tailored to you!

Who Can Benefit from Nutrition Counselling?

Anyone can benefit from nutritional counselling in order to change habits and set goals to make a difference in their health - healthy habits are essential for healthy living! We are all responsible for taking the initiative towards learning about healthy nutrition habits.

What Is the Difference Between a Dietician and Nutritionist?

Dieticians and nutritionists are often confused as similar professions, but this is not entirely the case. While the two guide you through making better decisions regarding your diet, their qualifications differ.

Nutritionists are experts in nutrition to offer you advice on food and nutrition and its impact on your health. Unlike dieticians, a nutritionist may also have a specialized study such as eating disorders, keto dieting, or prenatal nutrition. Their in-depth insight makes their application perfect in fields like schools, sports nutrition, and fitness training. 

Dieticians on the other hand, are more versed in the scientific effects of diet on one’s health, including treating disease-related issues. You will often find Dietitians in hospitals, healthcare or universities, as they are certified to treat clinical conditions. 

Can a Nutritionist Give Me a Diet Plan?

Yes! Our nutritionists can help create a personalized diet plan that is based around your personal and health goals - like losing weight or increasing muscle mass! 

While a healthy foundation may surely help certain complications, it is not necessarily created to be a cure from an ailment or disease.