Postnatal Exercise Training

You have officially welcomed your little miracle into the world - welcome to life after baby! While balancing your new role as a mother can be hectic, it is just as important to grace yourself with help through recovery as well. Participating in postnatal exercise training helps your body after birth and will boost your energy to spend time enjoying your new bundle of joy. Because training after birth is very important and sometimes hard to navigate, we offer unique postnatal exercise training in our Belmont Fitness Center. 




Why Is Postnatal Exercise Good for New Moms?

Pregnancy and delivery is hard on your body! Whether this is your first postpartum experience, or your fourth, you likely have noticed some big changes in your body from the days of pre-pregnancy.  When you’re ready, easing your way into postnatal exercise with light training, allows you time with yourself to focus on your personal health and recovery. Or join alongside other moms with the support of training through the postpartum process! 

With post-natal exercise, we will help you start building back the muscle strength that you may have lost during pregnancy. Our focus will be on specialized exercises which target certain areas of your body that are weak or became tight during your pregnancy; like strengthening your abdominal muscles and other major muscle groups like your back, legs, and glutes. This increase in endorphins will help you reignite your spark and get some well-deserved energy back! 

When Is It Ok for Postnatal Exercise?

There is no specific ‘right time’ to start postnatal exercise. It is important to listen to your body to tell you when you feel like you are ready. There are many factors that play into this timeline, but as a general rule, hold off until your six week checkup to get the go ahead from your physician. If you had a cesarean section or had other complications during delivery, you might need even longer before you can start your postnatal exercise routine. 

What Are the Prime Focus Areas?

Just like prenatal exercises have a specific focus to help you prepare for giving birth, postnatal exercises are designed to help your recovery after birth! You might notice some similar exercises, but during postnatal programs we will help you strengthen those muscles that were strained the most during pregnancy and delivery. 

A large area of focus after birth is strengthening the pelvic floor. These muscles supported your baby all through the term of your pregnancy, and like you, they put in a lot of work! The pelvic floor is also responsible for holding your bladder and other organs in their place. Special exercises will help strengthen these critical muscles and ligaments! 

Another prime target area is your abdominal and hip muscles. Many women can develop a separation of abdominal muscles from their growing uterus during pregnancy, called diastasis recti. Our classes, under careful instruction and guidance from our fitness experts, can help you begin to heal and pull these muscles back together! Each of our classes help you to develop better posture, build and strengthen your body and mind to support your new journey through postpartum recovery. 

How to Get Started With Our Training

Getting started with postnatal exercise classes is as simple as making the decision that you, and your body, are ready to start focusing on your fitness and recovery. Your body has been on quite the journey the last nine months, growing and delivering a baby. When the time is right, join us for one of our postnatal sessions to aid you in a quick recovery and help restore your body! Our job is to support you and your health, to be in the best state to enjoy these special moments with your newest addition.