Crystal Hart
Expert Trainer

NASM CPT, Lagree Pilates Certification, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach-IIN

Crystal grew up in an athletic family.  Her dad was a professional athlete and she played competitive soccer and volleyball throughout her youth.   Even though it was always around her, she didn’t embrace wellness as a lifestyle.

After attending San Diego State and earning a degree in Astrophysics, Crystal’s work schedule and demand for long hours always left her lethargic and pressed for time to workout.  Taking care of her health was not high on her list of priorities.  She went through phases of working out and eating right but it only resulted in meeting short-term goals.  Essentially, she was having short lived successes with routines that weren’t realistic or sustainable.

At her lowest and most insecure point of health, she was 40 pounds overweight.  Like many people who have been in a similar place, Crystal had no idea how she’d gotten there, but decided to have that hard, honest talk with herself.  She decided that if she was truly going to lose the weight and get healthy, she’d have to take action.  Instead of buying clothes to ignore the problem, Crystal put the money towards a gym membership.  She began to turn slow, steady, repeated patterns of healthy habits into a lifestyle change.

Crystal has continued her own fitness journey while offering support, accountability, proper nutrition, and motivation to others.
Her favorite thing to do when not working out is enjoying her all-time favorite craft: knitting.  She loves the freedom of creating beautiful garments that can be tailored to her exact fit and color palette.