A big part of what makes us special and allows our clients to achieve great results is the 360-degrees of support that we give to each and every client as we coach them through their individualized nutrition, health, and fitness programs. This is the core of what makes the experience at Project Strong so personal, unique, and successful.

Before we begin developing a customized plan for you, we have you come in for a complete health assessment to better understand your current health and fitness levels. This process of getting to know you involves what we enjoy doing most. We really love helping clients dive deeper into the root cause of their unhealthy behavior, weight struggles, and mental blocks that limit their ability to achieve a sense of wellbeing. Ultimately once we provide the necessary support, we can really begin working on their true transformation.

Balanced Programs
Rather than prescribing rigid routines with unmanageable rules, we focus on balanced programs that work within your lifestyle.  We’ll tap into our years of experience and use analytical tools to make sure your training is efficient, effective, and safe.

Our passion lies in helping individuals find a sustainable approach to wellness that goes beyond fitness trends and diet gimmicks.   We will work with you to build the foundation for a healthier life that extends beyond the gym.